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Muli2022 steps beige mini cargobike tmksr210222 resized 1d73f0d5256569be9f2f5fe8128f911a097ef99b

Motor ST

Muli Cycles

The electric muli, free ticket for full loads and long journeys home. Compact, maneuverable and strong - made for real life, for thick packages and narrow bike basements.

Fully integrated power. The Shimano Steps e6100 drive is merged with the muli frame design and delivers a powerful and enduring support through the latest e-bike technology. The Shimano full package is completed, by the Nexus Inter 5e hub gears with intelligent Di2 shifting system for high-precision shifting, at the touch of a button or fully automatic.


Color: Space Black, Smokey Beige

Price: from CHF 5,250.- Final price depending on accessories

Tech Specs

Sizes: one size
Gears: Shimano Nexus 5 Di2 electronic shifting - Automatic or Manual shifting
Power: 65N/m (Torque)
             504 W/h (Battery Capacity)
Range: aprox 40-60km depending on load and terrain
Lights: B&M
Weight: 33kg