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Various Models

Gilles Berthoud

Gilles Berthoud makes one of the finest classic leather saddles. At first glance the saddles seem similar to a Brooks, but the only resemblance is the lack of filling under the leather. Apart from this the these saddles differ in many ways to Brooks.
The leather is stretched using a different method - a modular system involving bolts instead of rivets. This system allows for the saddle to be taken a part and also for more control over tension adjustment.

Comfortable to ride just out of the box!

The leather is thicker than Brooks and more resistant to deformation due to water.
The undercarriage consists of metal rails combined with a polycarbonate (plastic) rear support.

Different models available: Aspin (men's), Solour (men's), Marie Blanque (ladie's)

Tech Specs

° Black
° Dark Brown
° Natural